Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Detox Therapy

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If given the opportunity, the body has the

ability to diagnose and repair itself naturally.

Hyperbaric Oxygen aides in that process!


Dr Oz hosted a segment on Oprah about “How to Live Longer and Live Well”.  He got in the same chambers that we have here at Texas Sports Hyperbarics.

WelnesscoupleHe discussed the clinical reasons why taking hyperbaric oxygen treatments on a regular basis is good for you!  One of the biggest reasons it detoxification.  The oxygen under pressure actually aides  the body in the elimination of excess fluids and swelling and with that release of inflammation, harmful chemicals and toxins are carried out of the cells and out of the body.




Hyperbaric Oxygen Detox Benefits

  • Decreasing Levels of Inflammatory Biochemicals
  • Up-regulation of Key Antioxidant Enzymes to Decrease Oxidative Stress
  • Increased Oxygenation to Functioning Mitochondria
  • Increased Production of New Mitochrondria
  • Improvement of the Immune and Autoimmune systems
  • Decreasing the Bacterial and Yeast Load Systemically and Gastrointesnal System
  • Increases the Production of Stem Cell in Bone Marrow with Transfer to the Central Nervous System
  • Direct Production of Stem Cells by Certain Areas in the Brain
  • Increased Production of Serotonin
  • Increase in Collagen Production for the Skin